2/2019. Seriously? This would be too much…

Some of you might have seen my previous blogs and agreed or disagreed my decision to shut them down. The reason is that I don’t like the collection of data and all the rest that google and its friends seem to do with anything we put on the net. I was recommended this one that should be a little bit more secure and more respectful of our privacy.

Something weird just happened. I spent the last few days in Nairobi visiting my brothers and did not have my iPad or iPhone or anything similar and I spent some little time watching the television with my brother who was fond of a very boring program about tiny houses… seriously some people live in tiny movable houses in the middle of nowhere and ok at costs almost zero but… I don’t know, maybe they have understood a true simple way of living. Well, we watched it a couple of times on his internet connected tv.

Now, I’m back in Juba, eating alone and watching some YouTube; I love all the X got talent… as I watch a lot of them I am always recommended by some algorithm for the new ones, but what did I get tonight? I was shocked… the big brother is bigger than what we ever thought … look at the picture



Seriously this is far too much…

Anyway, about the previous post. I took the picture in a swimming pool in Kampala with our dear Postulants. Four South Sudanese guys who are willing to become friars minor so we head off to Mwanza via Kampala. We had three days by bus through three countries: South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. It’s been extremely tidying but also beautiful. We had the chance to see a lot of Africa and my heart was half broken while traveling South Sudan, more than 90% of villages we met along the road were completely abandoned. The war has cancelled too many lives and seeing so many empty spaces and abandoned houses and villages is extremely sad… we do have to move forward and bring peace and life again!

Peace and all good

Abuna Loro Gatluak

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