4/2019 about a school

Yes, today is about a school.

What do you visualize when I say school? Probably nice buildings, great or awful teachers, terrifying tests, nice playgrounds and so on and so forth… well now I want to tell you a nice story.

Once upon a time, three months ago, one young adult noticed that in a very poor area of Juba there was no school at all, hundreds of children were just spending time wandering around with no purpose and families were unable to provide them education. This same person started to teach the children under a tree and the group of kids kept growing, it grew so much he decided to invest money, time and his small property. Some of his savings went into bricks, mud, fences and little more. As good actions are not noisy yet they don’t go unseen and three more youth joined him.

Moving forward they came for some help and we sat together and thought together and we dreamed together until an American foundation has given us some trust and decided to sponsor the school for this first year.

Headmaster in place, teachers ready, cooks sweating in the “kitchen” and more than 200 kids sitting everywhere to get some education.

The small private property has been entrusted to the school for the next seven years and the dream has come true.

Sometimes we don’t need much to kick a start and dream.

The school has been called INTERNATIONAL UNITED ACADEMY and it has children from primary 1 to 8. We were expecting about a hundred but how can you stop a child when alone presents himself to the school gate and says he wants classes to learn?

There’s one Italian song that says

“Se vorrai ogni giorno con il tuo sudore, una pietra dopo l’altra in alto arriverai…”

“If you want, day by day, with your sweat, one stone at a time, you will reach high”

I can see the words are true, when the poor helps the poor God cannot be silent and intervenes…

Keep tuned in this blog, you’ll see a dream becoming true and moving forward

In this last pic the children are receiving their “porridge” it is white mais flour with added water and sugar… in actually like it too…

Let’s move forward

Abuna Federico Loro Gatluak

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