5/2019 TAandIHD

Date: 12/04/2019

Time: 15.07

Place: Kit, Juba, South Sudan

I’m not crazy don’t worry. I’m just writing down those info of where I am now. The connection is s….l…..o…..w….. and I am sure I won’t be able to post until I’m back in Juba. And I will be back on Sunday afternoon.

I believe the title is clear and it explains why I’m here in Kit: I’m leading a workshop on Trauma Awareness and Integral Human Development. It’s a three day workshop for some youth of Juba. This first one will see 12 young adults from an IDP camp (internal displaced people) engaged in deepening the understanding of themselves while embracing their good and bad emotions.

The venue for this workshop is an amazing center outside Juba run by some religious and in the middle of nowhere; perfect place to run away from the city hustle and bustle… I’m not actually sure about this expression.

Well I’m trying to add a picture of where I’m sitting…. I’m a man of very good hope… I think I’ll just write and then you’ll get all on Sunday.

This is just a hint of what I’m going to do with this small group of youth (ok, wordpress app is telling me “failed to upload media…” THANKS)

The youth shall be here very soon. I’d better get ready.

Keep tuned while we work to move forward all together!!!

Ps: it’s raining and it is a blessing

Wonderful day!!

We started easily. The youth were given half an hour to answer a very simple question “Who am I?” We discussed a bit and tried to understand why it’s such a difficult question to answer. Later they were given a questionnaire with 34 questions that helped them to deepen their previous answer and another interesting discussion followed.

After dinner we had a full sessions on the basic emotions with some practical exercise until the very end when they were guided into a full body relaxation session. During the guided relaxation exercise a couple of them felt a lot of fear and found difficult to manage it.

We slept all together in a dormitory and I was freezing. Probably we reached 20/22 degrees and it is too cold for me.

Night fell and dawn came. We look forward to the second day.

Second day:

After lunch and after a morning spent doing the enneagram questionnaire we did need to relax and have some fun, so we headed to the small river that is next to the recollection center.

Some of them started the traditional Nuer fight

I have to say Nuer people sing amazingly well. Some boys have an extreme low (bass?) voice and there, by the river, they sang a traditional song, how lucky am I?

And we, actually them, played a little bit of volleyball and ok there is no net but who cares when you a ball and players?

And then sunset was amazingand dawn was amazing

We spent Saturday evening relaxing by watching a very easy movie called Jack the Giant slayer… well some of them did not relax at all and at the end of the movie they asked what shall we do if giants come back; and they were a bit scared.

Abuna Federico Loro Gatluak

ps: before going to sleep I killed, yes I had to!! I killed the scariest yellow hairy huge-eyes spider… I was even to scared to take a picture just in case he would have jumped…

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