8/2019 When a sister is a challenge…

Yes, growing up with two AMAZING sisters can be a bit a of a challenge, a life long challenge; but you know, I am good and I let them win, always…. maybe I am too good.

Anyway, my sister doesn’t know yet, but she challenges me all the times, every time she posts something on her blog – M’s blog – and it is about books, I feel challenged!!!!! I’d love to read as much as she reads and at her speed, I am sure she skips many words, if not pages……..

M always recommends very good books too and now I just need to introduce her to the fantastic world of kindle’s family sharing 🙂

Talking about books I am really into an inspiring one now


It’s not only about peace, it’s not only about leadership, but peace leadership. It has many practical examples and quotations by Mandela, Kofi Annan and obviously by Mohandas Karamachand that we all simply know as Mahatma Gandhi.

This book is also about neurosciences and Emotional Intelligence and with the purpose to enlighten people on how to be a leader for peace in this world.


Now I’m back to read some more!

Federico Loro Gatluak


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